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Greetings Citizen,

We are the Walkers of the Night; our task is to work from the Hideout.

We preach the matters of the Bar culture.

We fiddle with the past, with the present and with your fantasies.

So enter, Sit back and relax…

Browse through our Signature Cocktail menu, that changes every year, or let us create the perfect cocktail for you.

Opening HourS

Su – Thr 17:00 – 02:00
Fr – Sa 17:00 – 03:00

Michalská 12, Prague 1
Czech Republic


Reservation accepted only until 9pm

Sneak Peak


For our cocktails selection please visit the Bar

Beefeater 24 125,–
Elephant 245,–
G'Vine 145,–
Gin Mare 155,–
Hayman’s 85,–
Hayman’s Old Tom 95,–
Hayman’s Sloe 95,–
Hendrick’s 135,–
Monkey 47 235,–
OMG (Czech) 135,–
Opihr 135,–
Plymouth 135,–
Saffron 115,–
Tanqueray 115,–
Tanqueray Bloomsbury 165,–
Tanqueray No. 10 185,–
Tanqueray Rangpur 165,–
Absolut Elyx 175,–
Babička 125,–
Beluga 215,–
Ciroc 235,–
Grey Goose 165,–
Ketel One 125,–
Ketel One – Citroen 125,–
Russian Standard 95,–
Russian Standard Plat. 105,–
Sipsmith Vodka 175,–
Smirnoff Black 105,–
Stolichnaya Elit 195,–
Cabrito Blanco 95,–
Cabrito Reposado 95,–
Don Julio Blanco 190,–
Don Julio Reposado 190,–
Del Maguey Mez. Chich. 235,–
Del Maguey Mez. Vida 175,–
Hacienda Sotol Reposado 170,–
WHISKY – Scotch
Ardbeg 10y 185,–
Big Peat 210,–
Bruichladdich Cl. Laddie 225,–
Caol ila 12y 185,–
Craggenmore 12y 175,–
Cutty Sark 125,–
Dalmore 12y 195,–
Dalwenhie 15y 185,–
Glenkinchie 12y 175,–
Glenmorangie 10y 165,–
Glenmorangie Lasanta 12y 165,–
Glenfiddich 18y 245,–
JW Black Lbl. 135,–
Laphroaig Quater Cask 185,–
Lagavulin 16y 215,–
Monkey Shoulder 350,–
Oak Cross 180,–
Oban 14y 210,–
Octomore 6.1 115,–
Singleton 12y 185,–
Singleton 18y 355,–
Syndicate 58/6 155,–
Talisker 10y 205,–
The Peat Monster 195,–
The Balvenie 12y Doublewood 205,–
WHISKEY – Bourbon
Buffalo Trace 105,–
Bulleit Bourbon 135,–
Maker’s Mark 155,–
Wild Turkey 101 Proof 175,–
Woodford Reserve 175,–
WHISKY – Japan  
Nikka Blended 160,–
Nikka Coffey Grain 275,–
Nikka From The Barrel 215,–
Nikka Taketsuru NV 275,–
Nikka Taketsuru 21y 365,–
Nikka „Yoichi“ 295,–
Nikka “Yoichi" 10y 230,–
Bulleit Rye 145,–
Jack Daniel’s 95,–
Canadian Club 95,–
Flaming Pig 175,–
Jameson Black Barrel 165,–
Paddy Classic 145,–
Redbreast 12y 235,–
Teeling 135,–
Telling Single Malt 225,–
WHISKY – Others
Amrut (India) 165,–
Hammer Head (1989 Czech) 210,–
Godet Antarctica 255,–
Godet Gastronom 325,–
Godet V.S. 145,–
Metaxa 12* 145,–
Remi Martin V.S.O.P. 145,–
Vaghi 1984 385,–
AnonymouS Rum 105,–
Arcane 205,–
Blackwell 165,–
Caroni 15y 275,–
Centenario 7y 105,–
Centenario 20y 215,–
Diplomático Blanco Res. 165,–
Diplomático Mantuano 125,–
Diplomático Planas 185,–
Diplomático Res. Ex. 155,–
Diplomático Vint. 2000 525,–
Diplomático Vint. 2001 525,–
Flor de Caña 4y 85,–
Flor de Caña 7y 135,–
Gosling’s Family Res. 225,–
Havana Club 3y 85,–
Havana Club 7y 105,–
Legendario Elexir de Cuba 95,–
Mount Gay Black Barrel 155,–
Mount Gay XO 205,–
Mount Gay 1703 345,–
Neisson 135,–
Pusser’s Navy 155,–
Ron de Barrilito 185,–
Trois Rivières 125,–
Trois Rivières L'ocean 125,–
Velho Barreiro (Cachaca) 95,–
Zacapa 2014 Limitada 355,–
Zacapa 2015 Limitada 355,–
Zacapa 23y 175,–
Calvados CH. de Granville 255,–
Golles Marille 255,–
Grappa Triple A 185,–
Pisco Acholado 105,–
Slivovice Fleret 1850 295,–
Žufánek Hruškovica 115,–
Žufánek Slivovica 105,–
La Fée Suisse 295,–
La Fée Française 305,–
Pernod Absinthe 195,–
Žufánek – Amave 155,–
Žufánek – St.Antoine 155,–
Carpano Antica Formula 185,–
Del Professore 145,–Kč
Lillet (Blanc, Rouge, Rosé) 135,–
Martini Rosso 95,–
Punt E MEs 155,–
Fentimans Curiosity 65,–
Fentimans Cherry 65,–
Fritz Kola 55,–
Chateldon Nat. Gaz. 0,75l 145,–
Mattoni Grand 0.33l 45,–
Mattoni Grand 0.75l 95,–
Belvoir Fruit Farms 55,–
Fentimans Rose 65,–
Fever Tree Sicilian 55,–
Fritz Melon 55,–
East Imperial Ginger ale 55,–
1724 Tonic Water 95,–
East Imperial 55,–
Fever Tree 65,–
Fentimans Herbal 65,–
Cappuccino 55,–
Doppiccino 70,–
Espresso 45,–

AnonymouS in Motion

lets fly
is it a bird is it am airplane no it is AnonymouS Bartender.
Workout Programe
like a BOSS AnonymouS Bar Keep Fit program.
AnonymouS Bar Introduction old
Welcome in the hideout.
seagull dance
AnonymouS Bar visit to Ireland Cliffs of Moher.
On the Horse with Bulleit
AnonymouS bar at it again lol.
AnonymouS Bar
AnonymouS TV reports from Warehouse1 with KBC cocktail and the Bulleit Frontier whiskey.
OP: Knock Knock 74
AnonymouS Bar vs. Door74 Amsterdam Greetings from Amsterdam.
AnonymouS Bar Prague vs Door 74 Amsterdam
OP: Knock Knock 74
WE Are Expecting YOU @Door-74 Amsterdam.
The HideouT #AnonymouS Bar
We Are The AnonymouS Bar. And this is out HideouT.

3 Souls of the Bar

Opened 05.11.2012 as the first part of the AnonymouS Concept and together with the Crosroads (AnonymouS Coffee) creates the perfect „Hideout of the Legion“ With the interior inspired by the V for Vendettas hideout of V it will surely make you feel safe.

The Bar is a creation of dreams, ideals and ideas of every single person working in it.

We are Legion, each of us is equally significant.

1. Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

The Gunpowder Plot, 1605. A failed attempt by a group of English Catholic nobles to assassinate King James I. The plot was to kill the king, his family and most of the Protestant aristocracy.

The plan was simple, the plotters wanted to blow up the Palace of Westminster during the opening of Parliament on 5th November 1605. The only one caught was a longtime soldier and explosives expert Guy Fawkes, who was supposed to engineer the whole plot.

Some of the conspirators warned their fellow Catholics not to come to the Parliament. On Friday 26 October Lord Monteagle received a letter, which was apparently sent by his brother-in-law Francis Tresham. Monteagle read it out loud, perhaps to warn the conspirators that they had been revealed and immediately handed it over to Robert Cecil, the Secretary of State. The rest of the conspirators had learned about the letter the next day, but decided to go on with the plan, especially after Fawkes visited the explosives warehouse and announced that nothing had been touched.

“Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.”
- Alan Moore, V for Vendetta"

On 4th November the warning led to the inspection of the underground premises of the House of Lords including the cellars. At midnight on the 5th November, Thomas Knyvetem accompanied by a group of armed men discovered Guy Fawkes guarding bonfire of wood not far from twenty barrels of gunpowder. He had a clock, fuse and nitric paper by himself. Fawkes was arrested and said he wanted to kill the king and members of Parliament, he managed to conceal his identity and claimed that he acted alone. Later he was taken to the Tower and interrogated under torture, which was a practice prohibited with the exception of a clear command of the ruler or secret royal council.

2. V for Vendetta Graphic novel

Lets move through time. It is the year of 1980, Alan Moore and David LIoyd invented and drew comics „V for Vendetta“ where the main character wears a mask of Guy Fawkes. In 2006, the hero with a mask of Guy Fawkes got to the big screen in the film "V for Vendetta "(starring Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving / agent Smith from the Matrix /, directed by James McTeigue).

What Guy Fawkes started in 1605 was completed by the man known as V 392 years later. Parliament, the building, the first of the symbols ceased to exist. For V and especially for you it is „the beginning …“

As Guy Fawkes would say: „The beginning of vengeance. Beginning of the end of the regime. Start vendetta.“

„The past can't hurt you anymore, not unless you let it.”
― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta“

3. AnonymouS

Anonymous is anonymous and independent non-hierarchical movement that has become known in the Internet community during the year of 2003 based on the automatically generated alias of contributors to the site 4chan.org and the likes. Information about Anonymous began to make headlines in the medias in 2010 and 2011 due to the high interest generated by their activities associated with hackactivistic defending of WikiLeaks (Operation Payback) or against Sony company (Sony Operation). Anonymous also participated in the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt in early 2011.

Wrote about us…


AnonymouS Bar

Michalská 12
110 00 – Prague 1
Czech Republic

+420 608 280 069

Opening HourS

Monday: 5 PM – 2 AM
Tuesday: 5 PM – 2 AM
Wednesday: 5 PM – 2 AM
Thursday: 5 PM – 2 AM
Friday: 5 PM – 3 AM
Saturday: 5 PM – 3 AM
Sunday: 5 PM – 2 AM

Filip Stránský

Executive Director filip@anonymousconcept.cz

AnonymouS Concept s.r.o.

legal operator

Michalská 432/12
110 00 – Prague 1
Czech Republic
Tax. Nr: CZ 242 27 455